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The AQIP Action Project Directory Archive 2000-2016

The Action Project Directory was developed to encourage institutions participating in AQIP to share openly their innovative improvement efforts and plans. The Directory was a tool that kept institutions focused on their self-chosen goals while building collaboration among colleges and universities based on common interests and concerns. The directory also promoted the innovation of AQIP colleges and universities.

In searching AQIP's Action Project Directory Archive, you can

  • limit your search to one institution and/or one state, or search all states and institutions
  • search for a particular Action Project by title (or by a word or phrase in the title, like developmental or tenure or transfer student)
  • limit your search to Action Projects directly or indirectly related to one specific AQIP Criterion, or search for Action Projects regardless of the Criteria to which they relate

If no projects in the Directory match the parameters you set, your search will return NO MATCHES. If so, you need to set broader parameters. To browse the entire directory, leave all the parameters on their default settings.


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